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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

– Leonardo Da Vinci

What’s Our Investment Advising Process?

Determine Your Risk Score

You have to know where you are, to know where you are going. Surprisingly, most of our clients have no clue what their risk level is. Contrary to popular belief, risk is NOT a ‘one size fits all’ number. We determine our client’s risk score in a more effective way. It starts by filling out some basic information in our form below. Within 24 - 48 hours of filling out this form, one of our reps will send an electronic risk questionnaire link to your e-mail provided. Please take a minute to complete this with your spouse (if applicable); upon completion you will receive a risk score from 0 (most conservative) to 99 (most aggressive).

Determine Your Portfolio Risk

After you complete the electronic questionarre and receive your risk score, we will need to enter all of your investments, annuities, and cash into our portfolio risk analysis system: Riskalyze. Riskalyze will use it’s award-winning algorithm based on constantly updated risk metrics on each investment in your portfolio. Your portfolio will then be scored from 0(most conservative) to 99 (most aggressive).

Analytical Comparison of Your Personal and Portfolio Risk Number

Sometimes our clients’ portfolio risk score is aligned with their personal risk score. But more often than not, there is quite a difference between these two scores. As one’s risk profiles changes over time, traditional methods of adjusting portfolios to arbitrary risk classifications (i.e. moderate/conservative, conservative, aggressive, etc.) has proven to be inadequate. This is where the power of Riskalyze shows its colors!

What Else Do We Look At?

Investment Planning

Once we complete your Riskalyze Analysis and learn a little more about you and your family’s goals, needs, financials, liquidity needs, and so on, we may make a recommendation to bring your portfolio in line with your risk score and overall goals/needs. ... We will meet with you in person or remotely (Skype/Zoom) and review your complete Riskalyze Investor Policy Statement (IPS): including your current vs. our proposed portfolio, expense ratios and fees, dividend yields, cash drag calculations, etc. Our recommendations may utilize vehicles ranging from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Interval Funds, Exchange Traded funds (ETFs), Real Estate investment Trusts (REITs) to other alternative investments and actively managed products or programs. Get Started

Protection Planning

Have you ever had a conversation about insurance with someone other than an insurance sales person? Have you ever had an insurance analysis done on yourself and your family? What is Life Insurance really for? What is the proper amount to have? This all plays into ...your overall plan and is very important! Get Started

Financial Planing

We help clients pull everything together into a simplified financial plan by sourcing our client’s protection plan and investment plan with their personal/business expenses into our other financial planning systems. We help busy and successful people simplify and organize ...their financial lives. We work with clients to sort out complicated financial situations and develop a living, breathing roadmap to help them meet their financial goals. We collaborate with our clients to help them develop a comprehensive, personalized financial plan based on their situation and needs. Get Started

Advanced Planning

Accredited investors, high net worth investors, business owners and executives, among many others have planning needs that are advanced and may require strategies and tools beyond those available through basic investment and financial planning. Some advanced ... plans requires use to involve estate planning attorneys, others require attorneys for business executive buy/sell agreements, while others may need basic or advanced trusts…The list is endless and constantly evolving. We have the network and resources to help! Get Started

Our Philosophy

Our investment approach is based on asset allocation and Modern Portfolio Theory for which Harry Markowitz won a Nobel Prize in Economics. The core of this theory is disciplined diversification with regular rebalancing along each economies business cycle. At East Coast Financial of Central Florida, we follow this theory and typically use low-cost, tax-efficient exchange-traded funds and/or mutual funds combined with mid to large cap stocks. We keep investment costs low and harvest tax-losses when appropriate and ultimately try to keep things simple and effective!

Behavioral Coaching

Our brains are hard-wired to react first and think second. This benefited the caveman greatly. Didn’t want to miss lunch, didn’t want to be lunch. But reacting first and thinking later is a disadvantage to investors. Leading psychologist have found that we have many hard-wired faults known as “cognitive biases”. These biases can prove to be a detriment to your investments if left unchecked.


At East Coast Financial of Central Florida, we serve our clients as Behavioral Coaches, standing objectively between them and their money to assist in making the right decisions during the hardest times!


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